4 Secrets to Writing a Fantastic PR Headline

When it comes to creating great content, there is perhaps nothing more important than the headline. Don’t worry you don’t have to be left to figure out on your own, there are secrets to writing these fantastic PR headlines. Sure, the rest of the article obviously needs to be filled with quality information to encourage people to keep reading, but the headline is by far the most important element. This is because only about 20 percent of all readers will ever make it past the headline of a post. So that means 80 percent of the people who click on your content are judging it solely on the headline and perhaps the header image.

If your headline is weak, confusing, or too long, then people are not going to be interested in it, and it will not garner likes or shares. Without this form of online interaction, a post is essentially dead in the water. You need online engagement, which means that you need a great headline. Here are four ways that writers can develop the best headline for their content.

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